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What is IVR Mapping & Monitoring (25 Oct 2021)


Everyone in the Contact Center industry understands that IVRs are a gold standard that allows to greatly reduce the number of agents needed to handle the influx of customer calls. In many cases, IVRs are also the "front door" to your Contact Center and so they are desgined to be as succinct as possible so as to not annoy the caller. We put a lot of careful effort when we initially design our IVR flows as we fully understand the importance of the Customer Experience (CX).

And yet, a few years later, after the IVR is out there doing its job (hopefully), only a few will know what their IVR map looks like and what their customers are facing when they call the organization.

In our attempts to optimize the Contact Center operation we keep bolting numerous integrations on to our IVRs:

  • Automatic CRM / Customer record look-ups is the gold standard
  • Self-service endpoints are added
  • Automated authentication services are introduced
  • The IVRs are being tweaked all the time to address a new business direction or handle an issue with the initial layout